About us

Mixes has decades of experience and is completely independent. Mixes sells only the best types of static mixers. Mixes guarantees the lowest possible cost price by making use of an international network of trading partners. Mixes always stays up to date, for example by: visiting trade shows, learning about new innovations and developments, comparing prices, trends, new applications, alternative suppliers, etc.

Besides that, Mixes can also modify standard static mixers to suit specific applications or machines. We can also modify large numbers of disposable static mixers to suit any customer’s needs.

  • Product range: From single static mixing elements up to complete static mixing units or pipe sections.
  • Versions in every desired diameter: from 1 mm up to meters in diameter.
  • Materials:¬†all kinds of stainless steel, C-steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, PVDF, PTFE, PP, plastics, etc.
  • Quality:¬†design and production according to all current certifications: PED, ASME, ISO.
  • Computations: by using computations we can always guarantee an optimal design with respect to energy efficiency and mixing efficiency.
  • Flexible organisation: always open to new innovations and special requests. 24/7¬†troubleshooting.
  • Partnership with TU Delft, always making use of the latest developments.