Mixes is a supplier of all possible static mixers.

Today, there are durable and disposable static mixers. After all the manufacturing techniques are getting better and cheaper so that where used to be a sustainable static mixer was used, which had to be periodically cleaned, now a disposable mixer can be used with the same mix efficiency and pressure drop. This gives interesting possibilities in many applications.

Sustainable static mixers are optimally designed regarding pressure drop, mixing efficiency, length and material choice. Afterall the operation of static mixers is static so there is no wear or whatever. The mixers will “forever” continue mixing and functioning, that is why we at Mixes stress the importance of deploying the most optimal static mixer right from the start .

Disposable static mixers are increasingly on the rise. The possibilities are becoming broader and cheaper. An interesting development which we at Mixes are closely monitoring to be able to let our customers directly benefit from the latest static mixers in this area. 3D printing is of course a much discussed option, in addition there is the unstoppable rise of good and affordable static mixers from Asia.

Anyway we at Mixes always are monitoring the market and directly transfer all the benefits to our customers.

Disposable static mixers

Disposable static mixers for single or daily use. No wasted costs or time on cleaning, always a clean and pure mixture.

Static mixers

Durable static mixers, optimal design and made of the best materials.

Used mixers

Gebruikte mengers

Used or demo static mixers which are in stock, ready for use or for doing tests.


For improving the inlet flow and the distribution of the flow.